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FASERWERKEN wirvorlagegroßis the brainchild of two twin sisters growing up in the tranquility of the German town Soest, learning the ropes of their craft and developing their unique style in the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld, before running ashore Berlins artsy coastline, where they lived happily ever after. Inspired by scandinavian spirit, infused with love for their homeland and grounded by their intimate connection to nature, the two sisters create in-touch-with-nature products made from plant fibers. Anne and Hilka love colours and they are in tune with their inner child. They take great care to use  only natural materials in their works, which are beneficial for the environment, your health and wellbeing. FASERWERKEN equals soft surfaces and a cozy aura which charms and flatters the mind as well as the senses. Natural fibers made from seaweed, bamboo, soya, milk and wood are the sources from which their unique creations originate. Dabble in, browse, look, taste, smell and feel – Anne and Hilka address and tickle all senses. Find something as unique as you are!   Lots of love, rich of fibers,

Anne & Hilka (design, cut, patterns, graphics, fotos, text, marketing, selling, concept, shop care).

Katrin product photography.

Ananda photograpy http://ananda-rieber.de/ (wellness wear and products 2017).

Stefan, Jascha website developer.

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